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Busy Bee Cafe | Raleigh NC | Chef Jeremy Clayman

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Busy Bee Cafe

225 S. Wilmington St.

Raleigh, NC 27601


www.busybeeraleigh.com (link)

How little my brain functions.  How unjust it can often be.  Sometimes, my judgemental perceptions can really lead me astray.  I have driven past the Busy Bee Cafe a couple of times previous to my shoot there and have before viewed their website.  For some reason I had the notion that this place was more of a ‘diner’ type setting offering hearty breakfasts and sandwiches in classic fashion.  Little did I know and surprised I was to see what was actually present upon my arrival.  Having received a grand tour from the GM, Woody, I quickly came to realize that this is more than a hearty grub-n-go.  The Busy Bee Cafe is a gem of a find offering a grand spectrum to please any rumblin’ stomachs.  From assorted coffees and pastries, to well thought cuisine, to a full bar of mixed bag brews, the Busy Bee is surely able to nourish many of your ingesting desires and is a far cry from my initial notions of simple ‘diner’ style.  Jeremy Clayman, Executive chef provides an assortment of interesting dishes heavily riddled with local, seasonal, organic, and fresh staples.  Even though the menu displayed on the website may read simple, there is undeniable complexity and care involved which hopefully can be seen in some of the following images.

Not only is the Busy Bee Cafe open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but the owners have added ‘the Hive’ for evening and late night visits.  Located above the Cafe, with an entrance next to the Cafe front door, the Hive boast a bar area as well as an outdoor rooftop patio with city views.  With enough space for bands and DJs the Hive becomes a-buzz with activity as the sun falls aground.

This toddler age establishment has already been making waves gaining a ‘mention’ on Greg Cox’s top 25 list of best restaurants (almost making the 4 star rating) and also topping his Top 10 newcomers list.  If consistency and persistence remain at the Bee I wouldn’t be surprised to see them next year on the list.

Have a gander and pay them a visit, let them know you saw them here and enjoy.

Bruschetta- local beets (roasted, pureed, powdered), local "Goat Lady" Chevre, Orange supremes (& powdered orange zest), Orange chips

Caesar Salad- Romaine, Grama Padano parm. crisp & grated, blk pepper, lemon supremes, baguettes

Winter Squash Tart- Butternut squash & puree, acorn squash, queesland blue squash, cheddar cheese, allspice, shiitake & oyster mushrooms, puff pastry, granny smith apple butter.

(Poached w/ Sous Vide) Shank of Local Rabbit- local sunchokes, edamame, oyster mushroom, poached & pan fried Veal Sweetbreads, local sweet potato

Poulet Rouge Breast- Hoppin John (Carolina Gold Rice & Sea Island Red Peas), Crispy Collard Greens, Bourbon-blk pepper chicken jus.

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We’ve Moved!  Check out the updated website with new coverage of food photography in your city at The Spoon Feeds.com

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