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Revolution | Durham NC | Chef Jim Anile

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Annatto seed wafers with Lime Curd and Roasted Figs

David Bernstein


107 West Main Street

Durham, NC 27701-3603


www.revolutionrestaurant.com (link)

revolution-8 chocolate tower                                                                                                                                                                                         revolution-5

Jim Anile

Dig if you will a picture…of you and I engaged in a meal…If you happen to lack any sense of imagination to do this, then you may be of little use to Jim Anile, Executive Chef and Proprieter of Revolution.  After spending an afternoon working with Jim, I left with the sense that battling the mundane of everyday culinary existence is of some importance to him.  Having some background in food styling, Jim was an active participant in the shoot, offering sound ideas and voicing concerns on the end result of the imagery.  This concern for the detail of his work and the importance of edibility (may not really be a word, but you get the point) transcends his hopes for a good photograph and furthermore on to his dishes.    After spending twenty-some years in the business I feel Revolution is Jim’s break away opportunity at real self expression.  Having come from a long list of involvements with restaurants from New York City to Dallas and Asia to London, Jim’s pedigree has given him the foundation for which he can let loose with his creations being served at Revolution.  Specializing in Contemporary Global Cuisine, Revolution is located smack dab at the heart of Downtown Durham on West Main Street and is a sleek yet cozy space offering patrons a comfortable setting within which enjoyment can ensue.  Partnering with his wife Teresa, who handles many of Revolution’s operations, the two have attained the help of Chef De Cuisine, David Bernstein and Pasty Chef, John Tate to aid in the offerings provided.  Having only opened at the end of December 2008, this team has already been noted as “Best New Restaurant in Durham County” by The Independent/2009.

Thanks to Teresa and Jim for allowing me to exercise my photographic abilities at Revolution.


Peanut Butter and Goat’s milk “shake” with fixin’s

revolution-95 Spiced Pork Belly & Diver Scallops with Butter Beans and Watercress

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All images © 2009 Mark Petko Photography

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August 5th, 2009 at 12:18 pm

Solas | Raleigh NC | Chef Cliff Vogelsberg

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Elk Carpaccio on a slab of Himalayan Red Sea Salt with baby arugula and caper cream


419 Glenwood Ave.

Raleigh, NC 27603


Being new to the area, it is an interesting experience seeing things with newborn eyes.  I recall driving up Glenwood Avenue for the first time and taking notice of Solas.  It definitely stands alone from the rest of the crowd in the thronged Glenwood South district.  Three stories of modern architecture, hazed at night with a blue wash of light that unveils a Miami-chique charisma.  Curious, I visited the website to inquire more about this establishment.  ”dine. lounge. roof” seems to be a motto trying to simplify all that Solas has to offer.  After floating around on the site, looking at images of the fabulous life in party mode and combining that with the sleek exterior of the building, I came to a hasty  decision…”I just don’t think I am pretty enough to participate.”  Boy, was I wrong.  Not about being pretty enough, I have good insight into my own limitations, but wrong I was about what Solas is at it’s core being.  Like myself one can be fooled by the outward appearance, but if you give it a chance you may discover something pleasant in it’s soul.


At the culinary foundation, there belongs a staff of employees that regardless of the party image that Solas has acquired, takes the time and puts the care into what they present to those interested in a fine dining experience.  Headed by executive chef Cliff Vogelsberg, (SolasCulinary@facebook) Solas presents Contemporary Seasonal Cuisine featuring fresh local products.  Helping in the development of concept and menu of Solas from its birth, Vogelsberg’s delight with his endeavours was evident while giving this photographer a tour.  I would have never guessed that along side the elaborate dining patio there lies a herb and vegetable garden tended by Vogelsberg and sous chefs J.R. Hicks and Patrick Laird providing their dishes with the freshest of flavors.  Just an example of the care this crew puts into their work.  Having been a culinary presence in Raleigh for some time, Vogelsberg has participated in many local dining establishments and continues to challenge himself with new projects, being a part of the team led by Solas and Hibernian owner Niall Hanley that will soon open a diner on Glenwood Avenue.

I would like to thank Cliff, Patrick, JR and all of the staff at Solas for allowing me to invade for photos-sake.


New Zealand lamb rack w/ oregano chimmi churri, caramelized shallot glaze


Scallop and Crab spring roll with Thai Chile sauce


Golden Dorado w/Jerk seasoning, Mandarin salad, and Vanilla oil.

So before heading upstairs to dance, or up-up stairs to lounge amongst the skyline, get there early and sit for a meal…and tell’em you got “spoonfed”.

All images © 2009 Mark Petko Photography

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