Marketing On A Tight Budget

Marketing your business can be hard. It is especially hard if you’ve got a budget that makes a shoestring look vibrant. Don’t despair, though. Whether you’re an established outfit like or just a new up-and-comer, there are ways to market on the cheap.

First, there’s the option to give away a free sample or consultation.

There’s nothing like getting stuff for free to get people’s feet wet. There’s a reason “the first one’s free” is so cliché. Give something to someone for free to show them what you can do, or how good your product is. This helps generate presence and word of mouth.

Remember that people these days want to try something before buying it. Don’t charge them for the trial and you could make a loyal customer.

Another thing to remember is the old sales trick of having an elevator pitch.

You should be marketing all the time, and you should be making it quick. Have an elevator pitch, a quick summary of your business and what it offers. It should be concise enough to explain things, but short enough that you can deliver it in about eight seconds.

Why eight seconds? Because that’s how long the average person spends in an elevator. If you can’t get them to ask more about your product or service over an elevator ride, you’ve probably lost them.

Leverage the community that is around your business. Think locally.

Sponsor a little league team, perhaps. Think about printing bookmarks and handing them out, or giving them away at the local library. Figure out what you can do to engage your community and promote your business at the same time.

You know what a good way to market your business is? Collaborate with others.

Find companies in your area you don’t compete with. Get into a reciprocal plan, whether that’s sharing website links, referring each other to your customers, or cross-promoting in each other’s stores. This way, you’ll not only build up business contacts, but you’ll also reach new people too.

Create a buzz on social media. You’d be surprised at how you can reach a new audience just by having a profile on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to give referrals.

Referrals are one of the keys to successful business. Much like giving away free stuff, a referral is a way to encourage people to spread the word about you subtly. You can reach more people this way, and you can sway them to try what you offer more readily.

You need to network. There is no better way to get word of mouth rolling than networking.

Not everyone likes to socialise. In fact, some of us downright hate the idea of spending time with people unless necessary. However, if you want to get out there and make sure people know your business is worth spending money on, you need to network.

You need to meet people, explain your business. You need to sell them on what you offer, and maybe they’ll drop by or tell their friends about you.

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