Social media marketing

So what is social media marketing ?

As social media seems to be the most popular trending thing happening in this century. But does it hold a place for business? Of course it does.

The simplest and broadest way of describing what social media marketing is: “Social media marketing is the process of obtaining traffic to your website or increasing awareness/attention of your business through social media sites.”

The most effective way of using social media marketing is to focus all and any efforts on developing content that draws in the attention of the user and encourage them to share what is in front of them across the social media networks they are involved in.

Think of it as the modern day word of mouth, except online, using no mouths. People sharing their interest with others, whether it be via websites, messages, news feeds/posts about a particular product/service or event/meeting they have seen.

It almost then becomes free marketing for the business as consumers are actively sharing their message without being paid a thing. The result is more trust in that business (if referral comes from a friend or family member for example) and everyone benefits.

Without effectively placing yourself on social media networks, businesses are robing themselves of opportunity to be found. Today’s times call for electronics and an online presence is the way to tick the box.

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