Social Media Marketing example – Window Cleaning Business

Here is an example of using social media marketing to draw and attract the attention of others in increasing awareness of your business. If you haven’t jumped on the social media train…. NOW is a good time.


Here you can see the use of Facebook as a social media platform to promote this window cleaning perth business (click on the link to go to their website).


Essentially using Facebook, you create a business profile just as you would your own personal profile, where you fill in/out all of your information including contact details, services, photos etc. When people then land on the page they are able to gauge your business and your service without even going onto your website.

It essentially creates additional streams for people to find you, just as you would if you were advertising in the Yellow Pages (now getting old school, but still relevant)

*Please note this business is a friend of ours here at spoonfedraleigh and we have permission to show.

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